21+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes 2022

21+ Best WordPress Travel Blog Themes 2022

Use only the best WordPress travel blog themes to create your blog. Blogging is initially a core feature of a CMS such as WordPress. You can create posts, put them in the appropriate categories, use tags and images. However, if you want to maintain a travel blog, we recommend that you consider using best WordPress travel blog themes. Because travel themes will not only expand your blogging capabilities, but also add absolutely unique functionality. I’m talking about linking your travel posts to locations on a map and cataloging posts with reference to the country. Or maybe you need rating of visited tourist places? Keeping a traveler’s blog becomes an unusually simple and interesting activity if you can choose the right WordPress theme.

No less important is the design of the traveler’s blog. WordPress allows you to create and use very flexible themes. Some of which have completely unusual layouts, and some have a more classic design. You can choose any of the styles that are right for you. And your traveler’s blog will certainly change when using any of the WordPress themes below.


Wanderland - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

In my opinion, this is one of the most promising travel blog themes at the moment. A fairly authoritative author (Mikado-Themes) presents his vision of what a traveler’s blog should look like. Wanderland theme has a nice design and quite rich functionality. The blog itself has several types of layouts, including Metro Style and Floating Posts. It is worth noting the possibility of linking posts to a specific location on the map. This feature is implemented very nicely and conveniently. It is suitable for travelers who blog from different countries and cities. In this case your travel map will look especially impressive. And the ability to quickly find a post that is associated with a particular city is +1 to the usability of your traveler’s blog.

For those who want to sell a product, Wanderland offers a store based on WooCommerce. This is a fairly common feature among all the best WordPress travel blog themes. Therefore, if you already have a full store, switching to this theme will not be difficult.

I really liked that the theme has an excellent responsive and mobile version. Therefore, you should not worry that readers of your blog will not be able to visit the website from their mobile phone. The theme is perfectly displayed both on mobile and on all modern tablets.

We definitely recommend that you familiarize yourself with this travel blog theme. Because your blog needs this functionality and design.


Norway is a more classic travel blog theme. The designer clearly set himself the task of creating an easy and clean theme. The main emphasis is on the ease of reading the blog and the convenience of the fonts used. Because content is the main focus of blogs. Visitors read these blogs easily, given that unnecessary design elements do not overload the website. In the case of Norway, that’s exactly the case.

You can customize the theme using the best of the customization methods – WordPress Customizer. Because it is the best choice when you need to implement a flexible settings panel using standard WordPress mechanisms. Customizer allows you to immediately see the applied settings in preview mode. Thus, you can customize your blog without showing the result to users until the setup is complete.

The theme has several types of header and several blog layouts. You can combine them with each other and easily get a bunch that suits you. It is worth noting that on the demo this feature is shown as conveniently as possible because it does not require a page reload. This allows you to compare layouts with each other without losing sight of the previous.

As in many other travel blogs, in Norway you can link posts to locations. Therefore, navigating your messages is very simple. This will certainly appeal to your visitors. Like the huge images on the single pages of your travel blog. Because this is the best way not only to describe your impressions of the location, but also to show what you are writing about.

The theme also supports WooCommerce and all its standard features. Display products, sort by price, customer reviews and widgets. Therefore, you can easily sell your own merchandise, paying back part of the expenses on your trip.

Trawell Blog

Trawell is one of the major bestsellers in its field. It is also one of the most expensive WordPress themes in the travel blog category. Let’s understand the causes of this phenomenon and try to understand whether it is really the best.

The author insists that their theme is a professional travel blog theme. This means that it will certainly suit professional travelers who earn a living by traveling. They reinforce this statement primarily with functionality that will help you monetize your activities. Thus, we see a system that allows you to conveniently place banner ads and WooCommerce integration.

The author paid special attention to the integration of Google Maps. The theme allows you to not only associate posts with locations, but also to customize the appearance of the map, choosing among presets or create your own style.

It is worth noting the minimum time that you spend on launching the website. We really liked the mechanism that allows you to create a home page. You can access sections that can be easily swapped by dragging and changing the display order of elements on the page. This greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of creating blog pages, allowing you to quickly start writing your content.

One of the unusual possibilities for travel blog themes is to choose the type of images used. We are invited to use the following types of images: wide (16:9), Regular (4:3) and Square (1:1). It is very pleasant that the author paid attention to this, given the increasing popularity of Instagram blogging. Now you can use the same images for both Instagram and your travel blog.

In the end, I will notice that this WordPress theme has some of the best optimization indicators. The remarkable results of the Google PageSpeed and Pingdom Website Speed Test tests testify to this. This is definitely a worthy WordPress theme.


Tripster is another WordPress travel blog theme to create content for your website. The theme runs on Elementor Page Builder, which allows you to create an infinite number of blog layouts. A large number of options in Customizer will allow you to customize the theme according to your wishes and focus on creating content.

This WordPress theme has the ability to import demo content, which significantly reduces the time you spend on launching your website. You do not need to understand how to create the blog layout you need. Simply select the pre-built template.

Tripster has quite interesting Review Articles functionality. This is the type of content that aims to evaluate your visited locations. Given the fact that affiliate buttons are built into the system, this may be another way of making money on travel. I want to note that this is one of the best implementations of similar functionality among all travel blog themes that I saw when compiling this collection.

Among other great features you can find WooCommerce integration and the use of Slider Revolution. Which is a recognized leader in creating website layouts that require a full-screen slider.

When creating travel content on your website, you should be prepared to visit your website from your mobile or tablet. Tripster focuses on optimizing for mobile devices. Lightweight versions of images can speed up the process of loading a website for visitors from mobile and tablets.

Like many other travel blog themes, Tripster can be used to blog in any language. This is a great feature. It is useful to travelers around the world. It is enough to install the plugin for translation. The plugin will help you translate all the elements of your website into your native language.


The author positions Sitka as a WordPress blog theme with a large number of layouts with which you can create websites of various topics. Including travel, the layout of which is pre-built in 1-Click demo content importer. In other words in a couple of clicks, bloggers can get the opportunity to maintain an already configured travel blog, which will have a large number of useful features and options.

A distinctive feature of this theme is the full support of the native WordPress content editor – Gutenberg. Therefore you will get full compatibility with leading plugins like Yoast. Because Yoast can only parse text from a standard WordPress text editor.

For convenient display of content, Sitka uses several additional post formats & template layouts. For instance, standard, video and gallery post formats are used to visually separate posts between themselves. In other words, when you post content with a gallery on your travel blog, it will look different than a video post.

The theme has many options that allow you to customize the homepage of your blog according to your wishes. You can create your own homepage layout or use one of the pre-built layouts. In other words, you get a great design for your travel blog. You just have to write useful content.


Surround is a clean and minimal travel blog WordPress theme that is suitable for travelers creating video blog content.

The theme has a simple but stylish responsive design and a large number of features for creating a traveler’s video blog. Immediately after importing demo content, you will get 6 pre-built homepages. Among others, you will find one called Single Traveler. It is this type of design that the author recommends as the start page for the travel blog. However, this does not interfere with a small configuration of layouts and using any design from the above.

Similar to other themes, Surround has a convenient drag-and-drop page builder. WPBakery Page Builder is doing a great job with this. It is worth noting that this plugin is in the premium category and in a different situation would cost extra money. However, in this case, it is included as part of the theme and you can get it for free. This Page Builder is famous for its great ability to display and edit content. It has many options and pre-built templates, the list of which you can expand by obtaining the necessary license.

We should also mention the customization of posts. The authors of the theme did a great job as a result of which you get more than 60 layout combinations that completely change the design without editing the code. Thus, thanks to many options, your content will look unique, from the homepage to the display of the contact page.

In conclusion, I want to say that this theme, although it has a high price relative to its competitors, takes the creation of travel blog content to a new level. Especially if you create vlog.


Golo is not just a WordPress travel blog theme. This is just one of the features. The true value of this theme becomes clear when you decide to create a website, which will be the city travel guide.

City Travel Guide and Business Listing website are a rare feature among WordPress themes. This type of content requires special layouts that cannot be used in other cases to display similar content. Therefore, authors prefer to work with more abstract topics. However, in this case, we got a real diamond among WordPress themes. Golo has both well-designed blog layouts with a modern design, and features to create the City Travel Guide. These features will be especially useful for travelers who want to monetize their hobby or choose the path of a professional traveler.

With all the above options, Golo can be a regular travel blog, displaying content in the usual style for this. The primary page builder is Elementor. This plugin is known for its maximum flexibility in building full-width website layouts. Its special feature is that you instantly see how your content will be displayed on the page. In addition, the authors took care of the SEO of your website, adding full support for such a wonderful plugin as Yoast.

Speaking of a blog, this theme has three layouts: Standard, Grid and the version with the sidebar. Of course, using sidebars is an option that you can turn off. If you plan to create blog content in a language other than English, you can easily translate the theme into any language. This feature is available thanks to the support of WPML (plugin for translation and multilingual websites).

This theme is suitable for all content creators, but it will be especially useful for professional travelers. Because it includes the unique functionality to create a City Guide.


Travelog is an example of the classic travel blog theme, which focuses on Google Maps integration for convenient posts navigation.

The theme has 7 pre-built homepage templates to help you build your website as quickly as possible. Setting up these templates includes the choice of a header layout. There are 4 types of header available with a different menu layout.

However, as we mentioned earlier, Travelog’s main focus is on Google Map integration. By placing it on your website, you get features not only to associate a specific post with a location, but also to use markers. For example, you can create a different infobox for any coordinates on the map. This feature will be very useful if you do not want to write a big post about the location, but want to leave a note for the reader of your travel content.

WordPress Customizer made it possible to implement a rich list of theme options. Therefore, when changing the layout settings, you will be able to see a change in design in real time, which will be very useful for bloggers during the initial setup of the website.

If integrating your blog with Google Maps is not a priority, you can optionally use a different layout and create a slider at the top of the page that displays your featured posts. This is a useful feature because you can use it on your homepage separately and display the map only on the inside pages of your website.

In conclusion, I want to say that Travelog is a good choice for bloggers who do not seek to get all the possible functionality, but instead want to focus only on classic features that are executed at a high level.


Tonsberg is perfect for a travel blog that makes money from advertising.

There are all the necessary features for this. You can place ads both in the header of your website (including the homepage) and among the content, including the sidebar, using the widget.

In addition to making money from advertising, Tonsberg offers full support for WooCommerce. You can sell travel guides, merchandise, or any other products that will be displayed in the overall style of your website design.

This WordPress theme has 10 pre-built homepages that most travel bloggers will definitely enjoy. The content demo importer was built in the theme for easier handling of these features. And as the main tool for creating and editing content, you are invited to use the familiar WPBakery Page Builder.

The authors did a great job of optimizing the code and were able to achieve outstanding results in testing website performance. So Google PageSpeed testing shows an excellent result 97/100. Of course, this value may vary due to a different website setting. The basis is a standard layout and theme design. The responsive version of the theme looks great on all types of devices. Starting with a mobile phone and ending with 5k resolution.

Tonsberg has good typography for better reading content. The fonts are picked up and look great, as are the paddings between them. We do not often find themes that pay so much attention to the harmonious presentation of content.

Tonsberg is another strong player among WordPress travel blog themes. It has a lot of unique layouts and pre-built templates.


Wanderic is created as a travel blog WordPress theme. However, it can also be used to blog other topics.

The layout design can be called clean and modern. The theme is not overloaded with unnecessary elements and the content is easy to read. Thanks to a large number of options, bloggers can easily customize their website to suit your requirements.

The author has proposed three different pre-built layouts for the homepage. If necessary, you can easily customize them, because Elementor Page Builder is used to edit content. Blog posts have several different layouts of your choice. You can use Grid, Masonry, Classic and List blog layouts. All types support the display of blog categories, tags, and other necessary meta information.

Using the plugin WooCommerce added the ability to create an online store on the pages of your blog. You can display both physical products and downloadable products. This can be useful for travelers who sell their Travel Guides on a blog.

With a classic list of features, Wanderic leaves an extremely positive impression. The reason for this is the excellent work of the designer who created an excellent concept that looks stylish and modern. If you do not need a huge list of features and you want to get a modern classic blog theme – Wanderic is your choice.


Desert is a travel WordPress theme for bloggers. The author especially points out a large number of options that can help create your travel content.

The theme is based on Bootstrap 3.0 and looks great on all screen resolutions, including mobile. Like other WordPress themes, Desert offers you both sidebar blog layouts and full-width layouts. To quickly launch your website, the theme supports simple import of demo content. This will save you time exploring all the possible options. You can simply launch the website by selecting the homepage that suits you.

A feature of this travel blog theme is the ability to use Megamenu. This is suitable for those travel bloggers who want to get away from the standard menu and implement more complex navigation on their website. For instance, you can use not just text menu items, but also images. In addition, you can place a graphic banner in the menu. It will help you a lot if you want to monetize your travel blog.

However, it is worth noting that this theme does not use any of the modern page builders and if you need to create some unique layout you will need to use the standard Gutenberg page builder. On the other hand, this approach allows you to perfectly integrate such SEO plugins as Yoast, which will positively affect the indexing of your travel blog by search engines.

In conclusion, I will say that the theme is suitable for most websites and bloggers, if they take into account its features.

The Traveler

The Traveler is another classic travel blog theme that helps bloggers create a website in minutes.

The main focus when building layouts in this theme is grid. The theme supports several post formats that will help the blogger highlight some posts, such as a quote and gallery. Using the Customizer options, you can customize the look as you see fit. This applies to colors, fonts, and paddings.

The Traveler is completely ready for translation. Using the appropriate plug-ins, you can translate all the design elements without resorting to editing the code of the theme itself. This way your website can display content in any language.

The authors took care of bloggers and added 3 additional custom widgets to the theme. These are widgets such as “Custom About Me Widget”, “Custom Instagram Widget” and “Custom Social Media Profiles”. With their help, you can add more different information about yourself and include links to social profiles.

This product is suitable for a blogger who decides to make a website in a grid style and is not demanding on functionality. In any case, you can display your travel content even with it.


WPVoyager offers travel bloggers really rare functionality. With this WordPress theme, you can create a website with deep Google Maps integration (including KML).

Like many WordPress themes, WPVoyager has the ability to import demo content. After importing you will get 4 homepages to choose from. Regardless of which page you select the main one, given the large number of options, you can change these pre-built page to the state you need.

Another great option that will make your website unique is KML support. KML is an international standard maintained by the Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. In other words is the ability to map the route of your travels. This is a useful opportunity for bloggers who want to share their routes with others. There is also a wonderful Map Drawing Tool. This allows bloggers to lay out a map according to their needs and focusing the website visitor’s attention on specific places.

WPVoyager offers great layouts that are designed for post types that have content in the form of a large number of images. For instance Mosaic Photo Gallery layout allows you to display text and graphic content types together. The theme has several widgets of its own that will help bloggers display the necessary information. Those who wish to organize a newsletter on their website will be helped by an widget that can be displayed in any of the available sidebars.

In addition, it is worth noting the wonderful technical implementation of all layouts. The demo website is perfectly displayed on all devices, including mobile and tablets. The content looks balanced, and the list of features of this travel WordPress theme allows you to be sure that we have a wonderful product that is worth your attention.


Eaven is a WordPress theme for bloggers that focuses on modern trending design, having quite good functionality and a lot of options available.

This travel WordPress theme was released relatively recently. This circumstance made it possible to release it with a wonderful design, made in accordance with all current trends. The default homepage can have 6 different layouts, which are different from each other. In addition to this, several Featured Sliders are implemented to help your website display dynamic content at the top of the page.

There is also integration with Google Maps. You can attach specific locations to your posts and place markers on the map. You can use this map on any page, including the homepage. When you click on the marker, your website visitor will see the corresponding travel blog post. The authors also paid attention to bloggers who use video to submit their content. For them, created a separate homepage, allowing you to use the video in the header of the page.

Many options and layouts allow you to customize the theme to suit your needs. To make your blog look like no other, Eaven allows you to choose one of 14 blog post layouts. They are a little apart. WordPress Customizer will allow you to customize any small detail of your website. Including the color of the content, its size and fonts. This is possible due to the large number of implemented theme options. Given that Customizer is used for customization, you can evaluate all the changes made in real time.

As a page builder, the standard Gutenberg Page Builder is used, which is getting better with every new version of WordPress. In addition, in this case, all SEO plugins work great, including the most popular SEO plugin – Yoast. Bloggers will appreciate the ability to create content using pre-built templates.


Arkona is another relatively recent WordPress blog theme that focuses on modern design trends. In this case, we see a multi-purpose blog theme, which includes a travel blog.

11 pre-built blog listing layouts and a large number of options allow us to consider this theme as travel. As a homepage there are 4 different pages from which you can choose the one that suits your website. The theme also includes 3 custom posts layouts and a unique Portfolio Post Type. They are used as an option only if necessary.

As for responsive, the developer decided to choose mobile first grid technology. In other words your website will look great on all devices and all the functionality will be available in full even on mobile. This is especially important at a time when the number of traffic from mobile devices is growing significantly.

The theme fully supports Gutenberg Page Builder. This is the standard WordPress functionality for creating your content and layouts. Its options allow you to create pages of varying complexity and place relevant content on them that is perfectly indexed by search engines. Bloggers rarely use complex layouts that cannot be created with this page builder. Therefore, its capabilities and options are enough for most content creators.

The presence of convenient online documentation of the theme. It describes most of the options and features. And it tells us that the author takes care of his clients. For instance, the documentation has many useful sections, including how you can translate a theme into any language using free translation plugins like Loco Translate.

In conclusion, I want to say that the theme supports plugins that are necessary for most travel bloggers. These are plugins such as Contact Form 7 (for contacting a blogger), MailChimp for WordPress (for organizing newsletters) and WP Instagram Widget. This functionality is enough to create a convenient and visited travel blog website that will contain a lot of content of various types.

Backpack Traveler

Backpack Traveler is another travel blog WordPress theme in our collection that helps bloggers create content on their website.

Like many other WordPress themes, Backpack Traveler is multilingual. The theme can be very easily translated into any language. Elementor Live Page Builder is used as the main content editing tool. This builder is famous for its flexibility and the ability to create absolutely any layouts, including the most complex ones. Implemented support for WPBakery Page Builder for people who do not want to deal with Elementor. If you are already familiar with this builder, you will not need to relearn.

The theme implements WooCommerce support. It allows us to talk about the availability of convenient sales of goods on your website. You can choose the type of product and configure the layout of your storefront as you see fit, due to the presence of many options.

For bloggers who love layouts with lots of images on their pages, several suitable templates are implemented. Swapping Image Gallery, Full Screen Image Slider and Image Gallery let you display your content in the best possible way if it contains a lot of images from your travels. Excellent work with responsive and mobile ready guarantee the correct display of your content on devices of all types, including mobile.

Bloggers have the opportunity to display their favorite travels on a map. This feature is realized through the deep integration of Google Maps and travel blog posts. The presence of One Click Demo Content Importer allows you to quickly launch your website without studying the work with hundreds of possible options and immediately get the finished result. In this case, you will get all the pre-built pages and you can replace the content and images with your own.

In conclusion, I add that this travel WordPress theme will be useful to absolutely all bloggers, and the number of available layouts ensures the uniqueness of your website.


EightyDays offers itself as a WordPress theme created exclusively for travel bloggers.

All the available functionality for creating content is made with an eye on travelers who will describe their adventures on their website. Like other WordPress themes, EightyDays has a rich list of options and layouts that are available immediately after installing the theme on your website. So you get a wonderful homepage, which can be called clean style in relation to design and many other pre-built pages that will be useful to bloggers.

A separate line I want to mention the wonderful work with typography. All fonts have the correct size in relation to each other and do not cause difficulties with reading content on any type of device. And although all the standard settings are really wonderful. Blogger can choose the font size, colors and indents of its website. This allows you to create layouts that are not originally provided.

The authors have done a lot of work in terms of optimizing the theme and its loading speed. The homepage loads almost instantly thanks to optimized HTML markup and scripts. Optimization includes work on SEO, which will positively affect the indexing of your website by search engines.

The theme does not use third-party builders to edit content and create additional layouts. Therefore, you will need to rely on the standard WordPress functionality and features of the built-in Gutenberg builder.

To summarize, this travel blog WordPress theme will be a good helper for a non-demanding blogger. Who wants to get a fast but relatively simple website with an easy and modern design.


CheerUp is one of the main bestsellers among WordPress blog themes, which can be used also for travel category content.

For a fairly long life (by the standards of WordPress themes), CheerUp continues to develop and release updates that bring new options, layouts and templates. So at the time of publication of this collection, the theme has version 7.0, which brought several hundred options for fine-tuning the responsive of your website. By analogy with Elementor Page Builder, the authors added the ability to separately customize the responsive for three main screen resolutions: mobile, tablet, desktop.

The author perfectly optimized the theme. CheerUp delivers stunning results on Google PageSpeed: 99/100. The authors report that they were able to accelerate the initial rendering of content by 200%, reduce the size of fonts with icons by 800% and apply Lazyload technology.

In other words, the author continues to work on his WordPress theme even after years. This is reflected in the number of available demos, among which bloggers can choose the right one for starting their new website. Currently 13 pre-built demos and over 1000 layout variations are available. In the list of available demos, of course, there is also a Travel blog. It has a pretty nice design. The homepage blogger can choose from 40 pages that differ both in the type of content and in appearance. Such a large number of options for the displayed elements allows you to get many unique layouts.

The theme has a fully customizable header and footer. When creating your blog, you can choose the type of header, the presence of Megamenu, the location of the elements and other relevant things. As for the footer, you can change the number of widgets in the footer sidebar and its appearance. In other words, this is one of the best implementations of this functionality among all the WordPress themes that we reviewed.

There is support for many popular plugins. WPBakery Page Builder, Visual Composer and Gutenberg can be used as the main Page Builder. The store is implemented using the well-known WooCommerce plugin. Multilingualism is available with the support of WPML. This is not a complete list of plugins that support this great WordPress theme. Click the link below to find a complete list of plugins.

We highly recommend that you explore the possibilities of this wonderful blog theme. It is suitable for any type of blogging, but is especially good at creating a travel blog website.


Maaya is a very stylish travel WordPress theme with a modern design and a list of available options.

There are 10 blog layouts available to the blogger, both with the sidebar and without it. The main Page Builder uses Visual Composer, which performed well when creating simple layouts. It is not as flexible as Elementor, but functional enough for the needs of a blogger.

For flexible header configuration, Maaya suggests using the built-in Header Builder. This functionality, combined with Megamenu and a large number of options, provides simply unlimited possibilities for customization. You can choose among pre-built templates, or create your own layout and use it on the entire website.

The ability to customize the content area should please all bloggers. Font type and size, color, padding and other relevant options are available for customization. Customization includes the choice of website grid. You can use both a single-column grid, and 2 and 3 column versions.

Enough deeply developed compatibility with WooCommerce. The theme has 12 pre-built types of WooCommerce styles. All elements of the store are displayed in accordance with the general style of the theme and look harmonious. As in previous themes, Maaya allows you to sell not only physical products, but also Travel Blog Guides. It can be an electronic version of the product available for download.

The last thing I want to note is that Maaya comes bundled with an incredibly large list of premium plugins that you get for free. This list includes plugins such as Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, Ultimate Addons and Layer Slider. Separately, these plugins will cost much more than $100. Therefore, buying this blog theme will help you save good money without breaking the rules.


Journey is a classic WordPress theme blog with simple and easy functionality.

There are 11 pre-built templates for the homepage from which the blogger can choose the one that suits him. In addition to this, there are 5 different post templates. They will help to display the contents of your travel blog according to your wishes. The list of features does not end there. This WordPress theme supports all available post formats, which will allow you to separate your posts visually. For instance blog posts with a large number of images can have a convenient slider carousel at the top and so on.

In addition to the content area, widgets in the sidebar also have a large list of options. The authors of the theme significantly expanded their list by adding several of their own developments, including Best Photos, Latest Tweets and About.

Any travel blogger needs feedback. To do this, the theme supports the Contact Form 7 plugin, which allows you to create feedback forms of any complexity. This plugin has both pre-built templates and the ability to fine-tune the needs of your WordPress theme.

Journey is fully compatible with Gutenberg Page Builder, which provides great opportunities for editing content and SEO optimization of your blog. Like other WordPress themes, Journey is ready to translate into any language and supports multi-language plugin (WPML).

In conclusion, I want to say that the theme will suit many bloggers, but you should not expect more from it than classic functionality and a pretty good design.


Rodberg is a travel blog WordPress theme with a clean and modern design.

As a homepage, 4 pre-built templates are available for the travel blogger. Although the number does not look large, but the pages differ significantly in content and look quite independent. Gutenberg support and a large number of useful options allow you to customize pages to suit your needs.

The theme has unique content elements and there is support for post formats. So your video recordings and vlogs will be embedded in the header of your blog post if you choose the video post format. Or your blog post will receive a beautiful image slider if you select Gallery. This is a fairly standard WordPress functionality, but it is implemented especially conveniently in the theme.

Own theme panel allows you to customize any design element in accordance with your wishes. You can customize the color scheme (you can choose from pre-built templates), fonts and their sizes, the background color of your blog and icons. In other words, you can customize many other options that will set your blog apart from others.

Rodberg is perfectly optimized for display on all types of devices. Page loading speed and scripts optimization at a fairly good level. So the authors managed to achieve excellent results on Google PageSpeed: 97/100. The demo opens almost instantly.

Payed a lot of attention to the content area. The designer was able to select and customize the font and its size so that the content is easy to read and does not require eye strain. All headings look harmoniously combined with adjacent elements and plain text.

The theme is suitable for both classic travel blog authors and authors who use vlog as a way to present travel information.


GutenVerse is a WordPress blog theme that combines the support of two modern Page Builders (Elementor and Gutenberg). It is great for travel bloggers and people who want to create their own magazine.

The homepage looks like a classic magazine layout. You see the latest, popular and trending posts. Below is a list of available blog categories, ad space and newsletter. In other words, we see that the main motive of this page is to present the visitor with as many posts as possible. This can be useful for bloggers who have a large database of entries. And for those who want to provide the visitor with the maximum choice. It is also very useful for SEO.

A recent update added support for Elementor Live Page Builder. This has had a positive effect on the theme’s ability to build complex layouts. The authors declare 9 post layouts and 3 main blog and archives layouts. Given the niche of the product, this is a pretty good number. In combination with four different types of header, this will help to create a suitable layout for you to place your travel content.

Declared support for popular plugins, such as WooCommerce, Yoast, W3 Total Cache and Contact Form 7. These plugins not only expand the functionality, but also allow you to optimize the load on the server.

To summarize, GutenVerse is perfect for travel bloggers who want to get not just a blog, but a magazine. Many design elements and their layout remind of this. The abundance of pre-built templates will allow you to launch a website in the shortest possible time. This will save you time and focus on writing travel content.